5 Simple Ways to Make Time for Fitness


Are you too busy to work out? Do you skip your gym sessions more than once a month? If so, you're doing a big mistake. There is no such thing as being "too busy to exercise." Many pro athletes have two or three jobs at a time, and they still hit the gym. It all comes down to your priorities. If you really want to stay fit, you'll find a way to do it. Here are some tips to help you out:

Make a Schedule

When it comes to exercise, consistency is the key to success. Be realistic and create a workout plan that fits into your schedule and supports your goals. Decide how many days a week you can exercise, how much time you can spend at the gym, and what your goals are.
If you can't hit the gym four or five times a week, exercise at home. There are plenty of workouts that require little or no equipment. Depending on your goals and fitness level, you can do crunches, planks, burpees, jumping jacks, mountain climbers, chair dips, wall squats, single leg deadlifts, and much more.

For example, you can go to the gym three times a week, such as on Wednesday, Sunday, and Saturday, and exercise at home every Monday and Thursday. If you have a lagging muscle that needs to be trained twice a week, schedule a gym workout and a second one that can be done at home. Actually, many athletes have a light leg workout and a heavier one the same week.

Challenge Yourself
Set goals to keep you motivated to work out, such as losing 10 pounds or fitting into your favorite jeans. Eventually, use apps or join fitness forums where members share their progress. Myfitsociety and other mobile apps allow users to track their workouts and check out what others are doing. If you have a friend or colleague who wants to get in shape, set a challenge for both of you.

Wake Up Earlier
Working out in the morning will energize your body for the day ahead. It's a great way to balance your hormones, calm your mind, and lift your mood. All you have to do is to wake up 30-40 minutes earlier. Drink your coffee and then go jogging, do some push-ups and squats, or stretch your muscles. If you have a treadmill or other gym machine at home, use it. To save time, make breakfast the night before. You can even turn your commute into a workout!
Change Your Mindset
Think of exercise as an integral part of your lifestyle rather than something you must do to shed pounds or stay fit. The time you spend working out is an investment in your health. You don’t have to break records or push yourself to extremes every time you exercise. Just try to stay active and squeeze in short workouts as often as you can. Remember that little exercise is better than no exercise at all. Even a short 10-minute session can boost your mood and overall health. Do something, no matter the time.

Train Smart
If you're short on time, prioritize high intensity training. It's no need to spend hours in the gym to build a better body. HIIT sessions only last 10 to 15 minutes and burn hundreds of calories. They also rev up your metabolism and improve body composition. For instance, you can walk for 30-40 seconds, run for another 30-40 seconds, walk again, and repeat. This is something anyone can do!


  • Mix gym and home workouts to save time and stick to your plan. 
  • Any exercise is better than none. 
  • High intensity training produces better results in less time.
  • Most strength exercises can be done at home, with little or no equipment.
  • Regular exercise is an investment in your health, not a chore.
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